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For the last 22 years I’ve been published every month in the UK’s best-selling magazine for writers, Writing Magazine. In last July’s issue one of my clients, Paul Beatty, discussed his blog tour for his novel Children of Fire, and I recently edited the sequel, Circles of Deceit, which was published in December.

My most recent feature article, published in the April 2020 issue, was an interview with the novelist and writer-director Andrew David Barker about how a writer can become a filmmaker. I have worked with Andrew on several of his projects, most notably his award-nominated short novel Dead Leaves, and his children’s fantasy, The Winterman, which was published in December.

Meanwhile here is an inspiring story about how my articles for Writing Magazine fed back into my editing work. In October last year I received an email from one of my clients, Mona Callister, whose first novel, Footsteps on the Path, I had just finished editing. Mona has kindly allowed me to reproduce part of her message here:

‘In an attempt to tidy the room that I write in, I came across a back issue of Writing Magazine left open at a page with an article on writing a novel which I had found extremely useful. It was the guidance I needed for the stage where I was at that time. I had underlined chunks of the article and I can remember referring to it often. I’m afraid the author’s name did not register with me at the time, but it does now, because of course it was you.

So you see, you have already had an input into my writing, unbeknown to me and obviously fate – or far more likely my buried subconscious – has led me to choose you to edit my completed manuscript! I was amazed at the coincidence when I found it the other day, and just thought I would share it with you.’ (The article was ‘What’s it all About?’ published in the August 2016 issue of Writing Magazine.)

Mona also wrote:

‘I am very pleased and impressed with all your edits and accept and agree with practically every one so far. You have accessed my story and characters in a way that I hope to achieve with other readers once published.’

When I wrote back and thanked Mona she replied:

‘Further tidying of my room uncovered two more of your articles (also left open at the appropriate page and with underlinings) namely ‘Parallel Lines’ in the June 2014 issue and ‘People Power’ in the January 2017 issue, confirming that the coincidence was very probably due to my subconscious storing your name, as it is a few years since I last referred back to previous magazines.’

She also kindly noted, ‘I’m glad you were as excited as me over the coincidence of my choosing you as editor.’

I certainly was excited. Not only is it great to know that my articles have really helped someone in their writing (freelance writers hardly ever get feedback from readers) but it was fantastic to know that my articles for Writing Magazine led Mona to choosing me to edit her novel.

Writing Magazine article: What’s It All About?

Other pieces for Writing Magazine over the last couple of years have included my profile of the fantasy and science fiction author Stephen Palmer (The Conscientious Objector, The Factory Girl Trilogy), a guide through all the myriad decisions you need to take to decide the best way to tell any particular story, the question of how much grit to put in your story, editing a NaMoWrMo novel, finding the right character names, different styles of screen dialogue, the pros and cons for a writer upgrading to Windows 10, and writing lessons to be learned from the screenplay of the science fiction classic, The Terminator. I’ve enquired as to ‘what do readers want?’, explored what really compelling fictional characters have in common, and offered a guide to developing a five year writing plan.

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