Debut Children’s Book Raises Money for Blind and Deaf Charities

Marco and the Pharaoh's Curse by Paul PurnellI am delighted to say that a debut novel I worked on as an editor last year, Marco and the Pharaoh’s Curse, by Paul Purnell, is out now as an e-book. Very generously, Paul is donating all profits to two charities, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Marco and the Pharaoh’s Curse is a thrilling fantasy adventure for 7-12 year old readers. Available for Amazon Kindle now, a physical edition will follow. Here’s the official blurb:


The Beatrice sank in the Mediterranean Sea two hundred years ago. Lost to the world – until now.

Divers are preparing to plunder her ancient treasure, unaware that any interference its the unusual contents will trigger a catastrophic event.

The terrifying consequences of the divers succeeding are unimaginable.

Twelve-year-old Marco and a mermaid, Lois, are the only ones who can prevent it. Have they overestimated their abilities?

They have 48 hours to journey the treacherous underwater route from Malta to Sardinia to fetch help and then return.

Time is tight, but that’s the least of their problems…