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May 2017 Writing MagazineFor the last three decades I’ve been published every month in the UK’s best-selling magazine for writers, Writing Magazine. If you’ve found your way here after seeing my advert in Writing Magazine or reading one of my articles, welcome! In the latest issue (May 2017) I explore putting gritty reality into your writing, while in April I tried to answer the question ‘What Do Readers Want?’

In the January issue I looked at what all really compelling fictional characters have in common. It was the lead article in a packed issue linking in with the interview with cover star Lee Child.

Going back a little, in the June 2016 issue I explored developing a five year writing plan, while in August edition I considered getting to the essence of your novel – ‘What’s It All About?’

Over the last year or so my articles have covered editing a NaMoWrMo novel, finding the right character names, different styles of screen dialogue, the pros and cons for a writer upgrading to Windows 10, and writing lessons to be learned from the screenplay of the science fiction classic, The Terminator.

Now you’re here take a look around and see what I can do for you. Send me an email or call me (details in the box on the right) or use the contact form. I’ll be delighted to hear from you for a no obligation chat about your writing. You can read more of my writing on my blog, Last Word and follow me every week on Amazing Stories.

If you don’t know Writing Magazine yet but are a writer looking for new markets for your work – from literary magazines to genre outlets open to submissions in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Romance, Historical and must else besides – check out my monthly news reports. I cover everything from print magazines and e-titles are looking for great new content, through news pieces on the latest publishing imprints, writing competition announcements, award results and just about anything else related to the world of books, writing and magazines. For details about the latest issue click here. Below you’ll see a selection of recent covers.


April 2017 Writing Magazine cover with Jojo Moyes

February 2017 Writing Magazine

January 2017 Writing Magazine 2016-12-stef-penney


August 2016 Writing Magazine, Kei Miller





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