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I am a UK based freelance editor and independent writing consultant with 20 years publishing experience, providing a full range of services for writers at any stage of their career. I work with most genres of fiction and non-fiction, but am most knowledgeable, most experienced, and most at home in the fields of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. I have been an editor of Vector, a judge of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and have written, edited, published and provided guidance for writers extensively in the genres of the fantastique.

I currently blog for Amazing Stories and write monthly for the UK’s leading magazine for writers, Writing Magazine. Take a look around my site. Check out my interviews with Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Christopher Priest and Robert Holdstock (just three of the genre luminaries I have interviewed) and see what I can do for you. My contact details are in the box on the right, or you can use the contact form here.

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